Babushkas and community volunteers help mentor young teenage mothers.
Lois A. Herman
MiraMed's ECOSOC NGO Representative

MiraMed is a United Nations accredited non-governmental organization with Special Consultative status in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN. MiraMed Institute's work at the United Nations has two major thrusts:
1.) educating, organizing and partnering with other UN accredited NGOs and Government Agencies in struggling against the sex slavery/torture and trafficking of young women and girls from Russia and around the world,
2) making connections that enhance coalition-building among international United Nations NGOs and MiraMed Institute program sites in Russia.

The following are examples of how MiraMed participates in United Nations - related activities.

1. Anti-Sex Trafficking:

MiraMed produced a draft list of names and addresses of organizations that may be contacted if escaped Russian women and children need to find a safe contact in the USA for use by the leadership of the Angel Coalition in Russia.

MiraMed responded to the need to help connect the work of United Nations NGOs in New York with NGOs working on policy issues in Washington , D.C.

Attended NGO anti-sex trafficking meetings in Washington , D.C. and United Nations - related meetings in New York . It is a crucial time to be clear that there is a significant, coordinated effort by NGOs and Governments globally to stop the sexual trafficking of human beings.

Built partnerships on the USA side of anti-sex trafficking, Angel Coalition global internet chatrooms.

Participated in beginning to formulate the building of regional safehouses for sexually trafficked women and children.

2. Coalition-Building between International United Nations NGOs and Significant MiraMed Sites in Russia (These sites are reported elsewhere on this website.)
  1. Site visit for donors, potential donors and volunteers to MiraMed's Moscow Center for Independent Living and Social Adaptation, coupled with visits to the Volga River Orphanages of Uglich and Svir Stroi. These orphanages have been major sites of MiraMed's Volunteer Summer Programs over the years. They are also sites that have received humanitarian aid when possible.
  2. Women's Leadership NGO visit to 4 major sites of leading Angel Coalition groups: Moscow , Chelyabinsk , Irkutsk , Saint Petersburg . There are 39 other sites.

3. Panel talks, lectures and major presentations given in various world sites:
  1. Talk given to Regional meeting of Soropotimists International in Durban , South Africa
  2. Anti-Sex Trafficking Panel presented with Dr. Juliette Engel at Soroptimists World Assembly, Helsinki , Finland
  3. MiraMed Institution/U.N. Presentations given at College/University Summer Schools: Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, California University, California, Pennsylvania, Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, New Jersey, Mount Saint Mary's College, Newburgh, New York.
  4. Philadelphia , Pennsylvania --major presentation on an anti-sex trafficking panel at the Regional Consultation on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Canada , Mexico and the United States . This regional meeting shaped key input for the Second World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (the Yokohama Congress, Japan ).
  5. Initiated panel at the NGO meetings taking place during The World Summit on Social Development (WSSD), Johannesburg , South Africa, EARTH ON THE AUCTION BLOCK: LAND, WATER, AIR, WOMEN, CHILDREN. MiraMed has taken a lead at U.N. meetings in making the formal connection that it is the same mind that violates women, children and land. When issues are de-linked, all are weakened.
  6. Participation at the International HIV/AIDS World Conference in Bangkok
  7. Participation at the Geneva Human Rights Convention
  8. Participation at the Alliance Against Trafficking Meeting in Vienna , sponsored by OSCE (Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe)
  9. Frequent NGO presentations and interaction with Government Representatives at the United Nations in New York. This is always done with an eye to helping shape the values and global policies that impact us.